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What is L.P.G?

L. P. G. (Liquidm Gas) is the generic name for commercial propane and butane.
The gas is produced by the oil and gas industries as a by-product of petrol.
The same gas is often used in rural areas for cooking and central heating.
Autogas is the name applied to Liquid Petroleum Gas when used as a vehicle fuel.


The environmental advantages of Autogas for automotive use are massive :

  • Harmful emissions from the vehicle are reduced by up to 75%
  • Autogas contains no lead and is therefore cleaner.
  • There is hardly any discharge of carbon monoxide. 
  • Autogas does not produce any visible soot or smoke from the exhaust.
  • Exhaust fumes contain far less harmful substances.


There are also commercial advantages :

  • Engine performance is almost exactly the same as with petrol.
  • Autogas produces an improved air/fuel mix with consequential refined combustion.
  • The combustion of Autogas is smoother as a result of the higher octane content. 
  • Engine noise is lowered.
  • The engine oil does not become contaminated, giving a  reduction in servicing costs.
  • The life of the engine is extended as a result of the absence of acids and carbon deposits.
  • There is no spilling and little possibility of theft or pilfering.
  • There are lower excise duties on Autogas than for other fuels.
  • Existing fuel system is retained which considerably increases vehicle range.



The disadvantages are relatively minor :

  • Boot space is reduced by the gas tank. (by about 30%)
  • Only around 1100 garages sell Autogas. (Although this is increasing daily)
  • The initial installation cost. (approx. 1200.00 per vehicle)


Interested?  Want to know more?

For the full story, and details on having your vehicle converted, visit

LPG Auto Conversions  or telephone 01233 758014


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